Buying trucks: how consortium members use credits

What are the preferences of the consortium members that are contemplated and use their credits for the purchase of trucks? To answer this and other questions, Right Fundico carried out research on the topic. Know:

Right Fundico’s survey was carried out in August, with the administrators who operate in the sale of consortium quotas for the purchase of trucks. This universe represents 63.5% of the 330.15 thousand consortium members active in the heavy vehicle segment, in which the purchase of trucks is included. There are 209.64 thousand participants, mostly in trucks and less presence in semi-trailers.

Purchase of new trucks using credit

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This was the choice of 33% of the contemplated consortium members. The purchase of used cars was the destination of 23% of credits, while 44% negotiated other models. At the same time, road implements consortia, inserted in the heavy vehicle sector, indicated greater demand for bitrens, bulk carriers, tippers, dry cargo, chests, tanks, refrigerators, among others.

In the study, it was also found that more than half of the consortium members are legal entities. The proportion is 53%, while individuals are 47%. This is explained by the characteristics of the consortium, linked to the planning for replacement and renewal of vehicles or expansion of fleets. In addition, it offers an adequate cost, long terms and the possibility of using up to 10% of the credit for expenses such as documentation, taxes and insurance.

The average monthly administration fee was 0.134%, with an average term of 101 months for the groups. The values ​​of the contracted credits ranged from R $ 36 thousand to 675 thousand, with an average ticket of R $ 148.91 thousand, in August 2019.

Consortium results accompany sector recovery

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Truck sales are experiencing a gradual recovery in Brazil. Accumulated data up to August point to an increase of more than 40%, Fenabrave informed. Adhesions to the consortium of heavy vehicles grew by 37.6%, compared to the same period in 2018. 59.3 thousand shares were sold, compared to 43.1 thousand last year – read other results in the post Consortium System at August / 2019.

Among the regions, the South-Southeast axis of the country concentrated more than 67% of adhesions between January and August 2019. The vast majority are in the Southeast, with 44.2%, and another 23.4% in the South. For the president Right Fundico executive Paul Henras, the figures reflect the potential of the transport segment based on these two regions. “A significant portion of the activities of road cargo transport department from these locations to other regions of the country, according to the seasonality of the markets, which are quite common, such as in agribusiness,” he says.

The other regions registered the following participation: Midwest, with 14.47%, Northeast, with 10.98%, and North, with 6.91%.

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